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The Twin Atlas:

The Twin Atlas made atmospheric folk & pop songs, written and home-recorded by Sean Byrne with Lucas Zaleski, who began playing together when they met at the University of Delaware in the early '90s and began releasing music as The Twin Atlas in 2000.

During the initial years of their existence as a duo, Zaleski was an NYC resident and Byrne lived in Philadelphia (where he drummed with the bands Lenola, Mazarin, Matt Pond PA, Audible and BC Camplight.)

Both Byrne & Zaleski now reside in NJ (South & North respectively)

The foundation of their songs often came from recorded collaborations and improvisations, upon which Byrne later went back to and finished; adding vocals, additional melodies & instrumentation, and assorted sounds.

After a 5+ year hiatus that began at the end of 2010, The Twin Atlas returned with the one-off album 'Big Spring' in May of 2016.

Sean currently releases instrumental music as Lazy Salon.