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Komptrax - 2007
song: "Glow On You"

Info: Exclusive song, recorded in 2005/2006 during 'Sun Township/Magic Car Wash' sessions, finished & mixed in late 2006 with Dave Grubb. Compilation also includes tracks by Like A Fox, Au Revoir Simone and many many others.


Little Darla Has A Treat For You vol. 24 - 2006
song: "Old Century"
Darla 24

Info: Exclusive song, recorded in 2005 during 'Sun Township' sessions, finished & mixed in early 2006 with Dave Grubb. CD compilation includes exclusive tracks by Voxtrot, Robin Guthrie and many many others.


Happy Happy Birthday To Me vol.3 - 2004
song: "Plains Of Saviors"
Happy Happy Birthday To Me vol.3

Info:exclusive song, recorded in late 2002 during the sessions for Bring Along The Weather. notes: CD compilation includes exclusive tracks by Sunshine Fix, Lake Holiday, Elekibass and many many others.


Sleep Tight...under a blanket of psych - 2004
song: "Signals & Plays" (live)
Sleep Tight

Info: CDR compilation released May 2004, free with issue 2 of "Sleep Tight..."photo zine.
catalog - Easy no.226. Visit easy subCULTure (the cult of homemade product) to purchase.
The Twin Atlas song:
"Signals & Plays" recorded by e.dejesus live @ Silk City - philadelphia - spring 2003
guests: k.allens on guitar/vocals ::: jay laughlin on drums
original version appears on "Bring Along The Weather" CD


Protect Our Secret Handshake - 2003
song: "Moment Right Now"
Protect Our Secret Handshake

Info: CD compilation released November 2003, free with issue 13 of Comes With A Smile.
catalog CWAS CD-9. Our first appearence on a UK product. Visit CWAS to purchase
The Twin Atlas song:
"Moment Right Now" recorded @ apt.709 - summer 2002
mastered by Brian McTear @ Miner St. - summer 2003


I'm Gonna Watch The Bluebirds Fly... - 2002
'sleep in late, laugh all night'
'dog with feathered wings'
Twilight Furniture

Info: CD compilation of home-recording popsters & folkies, lovingly compiled by Jim & Ritsuko, featuring music by: Orange Cake Mix, The Twin Atlas, The Knit Separates, The Smittens, Zenith 33 and many others.


The Hex Enduction Hour - 2001
'take a song (and shoot it through...)'
' favorite times are new'
Hex Enduction Hour

Info: "the soundtrack to Weird Panther Summer! packed with ritual ingredients..."
The Twin Atlas songs:
"take a song..." recorded spring 2001
"favorite times are new" recorded summer 2000.